Why Practicing Yoga is Good For the Mind, Body and Soul


Why Practicing Yoga is Good For the Mind, Body and Soul

Keeping fit and healthy is the aim of all human beings. If you want to live and enjoy the life you have been blessed with then ensuring you are in good health is very essential. Good health comes with taking care of yourself be it your body, mind or soul. Taking care of all three involves eating right, being involved in the right amount of physical activity, thinking right and being happy. When it comes to the aspect of physical exertion and exercising, Yoga comes into the picture.

Yoga is an ancient form of staying fit by performing a few asanas or moves which involve stretching, concentrating and breathing in the right manner at the same time. Yoga was first practiced by saints in ancient India and today it has emerged as one of the top methods of staying fit and healthy and also a means to lose and manage weight. Yoga is a series of movements which is done with a holistic mindset, a clear heart and relaxed breathing. The same importance is given to breathing in the correct manner as is given to performing the stretches the right way.

Yoga looks at self development with discipline, confidence and an earnest effort. Yoga is considered good for your body because the kinds of movements it involves are for the benefit and limberness of each and every part of the body. Yoga is considered good for the mind because it involves meditation. An integral part of yoga involves medication and some experts say you cannot do yoga correctly if you do not tune your mind to meditate. Meditation is a state of mind which is completely relaxed.

You keep your mind focused on your breathing, on good and happy thoughts which build confidence and you stay clear from your day to day problems and other negative issues. The mind becomes relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated after a session of deep meditation.

Yoga is an art which makes you connect with your Creator, the one supreme force or power which created you, sustains you and nourishes you. When you connect with your Creator through meditation and expressing thanks, your soul is nourished and refreshed. The soul is that invincible part of your being which although has no physical form yet its nourishment and development is considered essential for the well being of the entire being.

Yoga has many health benefits. It develops the immune system and provides for better blood circulation in the body. It provides control over anxiety, stress and also depression. It helps in weight loss and weight control. Yoga helps in detoxifying the body and also helps to cure many ailments such as arthritis, heart disease, chronic fatigue, back and joint pain. Yoga reduces tension and stress, helps in concentrating better and also better creative thinking. Yoga enhances flexibility and aids proper balance.

With so many health benefits of yoga for the betterment of the mind, body and soul, practicing yoga is only for the well being of your entire persona.
Source by James S. Pendergraft

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