The Tripartite Man (Body, Soul and Spirit)


The Tripartite Man (Body, Soul and Spirit)




BODY – World conscious


Centred around the mouth/tongue and eyes. Affirmed by the physical world through the five senses. Subject to forces of nature and physical degeneration. Fallen & corrupt men and women have a body-centred lifestyle. Craves ‘tasty food’ for the eyes, ears and stomach. The eye receives 80% of the vain, worldly knowledge that puffs up the self. The eyes were created to be a single lamp that illuminates the entire being of a Christian, appreciating the Invisible Creator, through visible creation. The mouth was made to praise God and the hands to be lifted up to bless God. The steps of a good man are ordered by God.Christ is one body with the Christian, even as the husband is one flesh/body with his wife. The body is constantly under attack from the fleshly lusts and the world system of satan. A disciplined Christian has his body under subjection to himself and offers it as a voluntary gift to serve God and fellow men. The body dies when the spirit leaves it, to return to God- The Father of free spirits. An everlasting glorious body is prepared for victorious Christians in heaven and a body of shame for sinners who reject God, in everlasting Hellfire.


SOUL/HEART – Self-conscious


Centred around the heart region. Seat of the will, conscience, emotions, personality/character. Craves love and attention. Seat of the Self / God / demonic influences. The miserly rich & ungodly are self-centred. Yeshua loves the soul of every human being in the world and wants it to come to God. The soul of man is lonely without God. Religious worship without the power of God is often soulish. The soul can never cease to exist.


SPIRIT – God-conscious


Centred in the abdominal region. No light or life without Christ. Innermost part of the being, farthest from other men and closest to God, with senses that can be trained by feeding on the Word of God. Craves to know and worship God, with the angels and saints. True worship involves the spirit of man that can sense God & the spirit world (angels & demons). Seat of the mind (memory, imaginations, meditation). Godly people have a God-centred spiritual lifestyle and seek fellowship with the Source of Goodness, called GOD. A godly man is poor in his own spirit, but rich in the Spirit of God, who dwells in this realm of a spirit-baptized Christian. The spirit of man is capable of intimate union with the Spirit of Christ who sanctifies him from within. The spirit on the one hand, and the soul and body on the other are in constant conflict with each other in this present temporal life. The Spirit of God mortifies the sinful deeds of the flesh, through fasting from sin and excess food, and abiding in the presence of  (or being enveloped by) God.
Source by Mohan Mathews

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