The Meaning of Life, to Be Happy, and Three Mind-Spirit Poisons to Avoid


The Meaning of Life, to Be Happy, and Three Mind-Spirit Poisons to Avoid

Smog poisons our air. Using waterways as sewage disposal contaminates our drinking water. Many are the examples of an adulterated world. We need to be mindful, too, of the contaminates that corrupt our minds and spirits. Here are three to avoid at any cost.

First, hatred is significant poison. When you develop this emotion within yourself, you have invited corruption into your life. It will eat you alive. Ordinary steel will rust to dust if not tended to. Hatred is like that rust. It is a blight upon you soul and mind. It will consume you as you spend more and more energy maintaining the idea of hating someone.

This does mean that you need forget the incident that caused you to begin to hate. That would be foolish. You need to protect your mind and spirit from persons who would only cause you harm. Remembering the episode and trying to avoid the person who cultivated hatred within you will serve you well.

Give up the hatred. Do not hold a grudge. Eliminate that corruption from your mind-spirit.

Do you see the difference between remembering and hating? Protect yourself by remembering the problem; but do not allow yourself the abomination of hatred.

Second, give up attachment to all things and people. Attachment is one of the main causes of suffering in your life. All things pass way. Sorry to be so blunt. That is the truth, however. When you set yourself up to adhere to things and people, you will suffer.

This does not mean that you cannot love someone. It does mean that you need to remember that that person will be gone from your life, someday. Or, if you build your whole life around a thing, say a vintage auto in fantastic shape, and someone steals the car, your whole world would collapse. Even attachment to your own life can exacerbate your personal suffering.

I know that it is very difficult not to hold on to someone or something. We sometimes think these things or people are the anchors of our lives. That without them, we would be adrift on an angry sea. However, when you set aside all attachments, you will find the anchor of yourself, in this moment. In other words, you will have eliminated another poison from your life.

Third, ignorance is an insidious contamination of your mind-spirit. This does not mean that you must know everything. That is impossible in any case. But take elections as an example.

During election season we see all kinds of ads on television, through the mail and even via prerecorded telephone calls. As time wears on, these ads seem to be more and more negative. To keep the poison of ignorance away from your life, you will need to find out the truth behind those ads. You may need to take action in order to be an informed voter.

You do that in many ways, not the least of which is to go the candidate’s website, if they have one. Read what the candidate really stands for. In other words, do not take political campaign ads as gospel truth. Find out what is really going on.

Of course, this method of leading yourself out of ignorance is a good idea for any area of life. Have you a medical condition, for example? Instead of fearing this disease, you can confront it far more effectively when you know what you are dealing with. Many avenues of knowledge are open to you in these days of the Information Age. Discover what you can to help fight back against the disease that haunts you.

There you have three of the mind-spirit poisons to avoid: hatred, attachment and ignorance. When you find any of these in your life, strive for the antitoxin. You will find yourself in a better situation very quickly.

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