A New Definition of Body, Mind, Spirit

A New Definition of Body, Mind, Spirit

“We have the means to transmute our lives through a new understanding of information, and through how we use information.”    Fred Alan Wolf, PhD

I have been a proponent of alternative medicine, holistic healing and wellness for many years. I even became an alternative medicine practitioner and continue to practice as a chiropractor. The idea that we exist in mind, body and spirit has been a fundamental tenet of alternative medicine since its inception thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, mainstream medicine based on objectivity has been slow to come around to recognizing multiple levels of existence. The scientific paradigm is changing as science delves deeper into the physics of reality. What is beginning to emerge is a new understanding of reality in terms of information.

What lies beneath physical matter and energy may be a field of pure intelligence or information. When one probes into the constituents of matter one finds subatomic particles. Probing deeper reveals a kind of web of relationships that permeates all space and time. These relationships can be thought of as pure information.

We can apply this idea of information to living systems and healing. When we do we can formulate a universal theory of life and healing. Throughout the ages life continues to increase in complexity. Life progressed from simple chemical reactions to bacteria to cells, and finally, the living systems we see today. Life moves in a direction of increasing complexity because of its ability to extract and integrate information from its environment.

If we consider ourselves as informational structures capable of capturing and integrating information from the environment we can explain body, mind and spirit in terms of informational complexity. Each level of existence corresponds to a hierarchy of information. In other words our physical existence can be thought of as an information structure existing on the physical plane while mind and spirit are more complex structures existing at higher planes.

All planes of existence work to support our existence by providing us with a constant supply of information. Our bodies are full of thousands of chemical feedback systems that use information to sustain us. Our minds consist of trillions of informational connections that feed information to our bodies. Spirit too can be thought of as an even more complex informational structure working to support us.

Dr. Wolf alludes to the idea of transmutation through a new understanding of information. In other words if we learn to tap into the constant flow of information to us and through us we can change our state of existence. We know about how thinking positive thoughts has a positive effect on our bodies. There is even mounting evidence in the relatively new science of epigenetics that our behaviors have an effect on the expression of our genes. Also, many of us have had positive spiritual experiences in which some greater force affected our lives.

If living and healing are seen in terms of information flow then the boundaries between mainstream and alternative medicine begin to melt away. All healing is in essence supporting the information systems in the body. For example, medications present information to the body by virtue of their shape. When the medication molecules fit certain cell receptors they transfer information to the cell. The same goes for nutrients and herbal substances. Information transfer occurs via upward causation. The small molecules transfer information to cells that affect larger body systems.

Likewise information flow from mind or spirit to body occurs via downward causation. The more complex informational structure of mind has an effect on the less complex structure of the body. Systems of healing such as energy healing or Reiki can be explained in terms of information flow. Prayer too can be seen as a nonlocal communication of information between individuals or originating from a higher source.

Recognizing that information has such a powerful influence on our lives is the first step toward developing a new approach to healing. Perhaps one day we will have a true common ground on which both alternative and mainstream systems of healing can stand. In order to achieve this we must look deeper into the essence of healing. The transmutation Dr. Wolf talks about can indeed be a transmutation toward a greater state of existence, a greater state of health.

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